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Fast fix for minor cracks February 10, 2019

Clearwater, Pinellas
Fast fix for minor cracks, Clearwater, Florida

Bonding is a fast fix for minor cracks.  Did you know that tooth enamel is stronger than bone?  In fact, it is the hardest substance int he human body.  After years of wear and tear with thinning enamel, teeth won’t be as strong as they once were, and enamel can develop craze lines – very minor cracks on the surface of the teeth.

Although not structurally worrisome, craze lines can be traps for bacteria and minuscule food particles that can stain teeth.  Even that glass of red wine can be harmful.  Luckily, bonding is a quick, economical, and durable fix.  Using a natural-looking tooth colored resin to match your teeth, we will cover the tooth (or teeth) and fill the fissures- usually in just one office visit-to instantly restore your smile.  

Look great for the selfie photos.  Ask us about bonding on your next visit.

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