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3 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Save Money in the Long Run February 12, 2019

New York, New York
3 Ways VoIP Phone Systems Save Money in the Long Run, New York, New York

As a business owner, thinking about the big picture is a critical part of the success of your new company. This often includes investing in technology now to save more money in the future. Start with a VoIP phone system, which transmits calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line. Here are three reasons why VoIP is well-worth your business investment.

3 Ways a VoIP Phone System Saves You Money

1. No Up-Front Hardware Costs 

Unlike a traditional phone system, VoIP does not require any hardware prior to installation. Instead, you’ll be able to begin making calls, adding additional phones and users, and even do routing calls off-site right away. As your business scales, you can continue to make changes at your convenience without needing an expert to install any additional hardware.

2. Virtually No Maintenance Fees 

voipOne of the main drawbacks to a traditional phone system is that it can fail, leading to revenue loss. To avoid this, business owners are constantly replacing out-of-date hardware and outsourcing technical assistance for routine phone maintenance. When deployed in the cloud, a VoIP phone system eliminates this problem altogether, saving you a great deal of money and ensuring your important communications can continue without disturbance.

3. No Costly Calling Feeds

Switching to VoIP can also save you money in calling fees. Since VoIP calls are made using an internet connection instead of a landline, you’ll never have to worry about interstate or long distance calling fees again. If you communicate with business partners around the globe, VoIP can cut your international calling fees in half.


Looking to take advantage of these great VoIP benefits for your company? The expert wiring and fiber team at Challenger Broadband can help you set up the perfect network. Serving business owners, hotels, and event planners, they’ve gained a reputation as one of the top internet service providers in New York City. By connecting to Challenger Broadband’s private network, NYC businesses and customers enjoy WiFi and internet connectivity that is always fast and reliable. If you ever need assistance, their skilled IT support staff is available 24/7 to ensure your needs are met. To learn more about Challenger Broadband, visit their website or call (646) 723-9999.

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