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4 Reasons a Mobile Dentist Benefits the Community February 18, 2019

4 Reasons a Mobile Dentist Benefits the Community, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Good dental care is vital to overall health and quality of life, but not everyone has access to a dentist. Financial circumstances, location, and lack of transportation can make getting preventative dental care difficult for many people in the United States. Fortunately, mobile dental units are breaking down barriers and benefiting their communities. Here’s what you should know about this health care option.

How Mobile Dentist Units Impact Their Communities

1. Bring Dental Care to Thousands of Children

Mobile dental clinics can visit schools, reaching thousands of children each year who might not otherwise see a dentist. Many parents are unable to take time off work to take their child to the dentist during regular business and school hours, or taking time off work results in a loss of wages. Mobile dentistry brings oral health to children, allowing them to get the care they need at a time and place that’s convenient for kids and parents.

2. Reach People in Remote Areas

dentistIn rural parts of the country, people may have to drive long distances to get to a dentist, and even then, the handful of dentists within reach might not take their insurance or offer care the patient can afford. Some patients may not have reliable access to a car, or the physical ability to drive. A mobile dental clinic brings quality, affordable dental care to communities where simply getting to a dentist is a significant barrier to care.

3. Provide Affordable Care

Many mobile dentist units offer a sliding fee scale for care, allowing patients to pay for their care based on their income. This ensures people have access to a dentist, regardless of their financial status, and it also makes dental care available to the uninsured and under-insured.

4. Makes Dental Care Convenient

Some mobile dental clinics visit offices, factories, and warehouses where busy employees may not have the time to get to a dentist office. Healthy workforces are happier and more productive, and mobile dentistry makes it easy and convenient to take care of your teeth.


Cabarrus Health Alliance of Kannapolis and Concord, NC, is committed to building healthier communities, regardless of financial status. They offer more than 70 services and programs, including family dentistry, and their mobile dental clinic visits area schools to ensure children get the preventative and restorative services they need to have a healthy start in life. They accept private insurance, as well as Medicaid, and provide sliding scale payments to residents who can provide proof of income. Visit Cabarrus Health Alliance online to learn more about their services, or call (704) 920-1070 to schedule your appointment with a dentist today. For updates on the practice, like them on Facebook.

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