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3 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Furnace February 20, 2019

Grand Rapids, Wood
3 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Furnace, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin

Although most homeowners are likely familiar with traditional heating systems, the outdoor furnace isn’t nearly as well recognized. It’s a popular option in rural communities, and in an age of greater efficiency, more people are considering this natural option for their comfort. Here are a few reasons to consider an outdoor furnace installation.

Why an Outdoor Furnace Is a Fantastic Choice

1. Safety

Because outdoor furnaces rely on wood as their heat source, there’s no need to worry about potential carbon monoxide buildup in the home. Since all activity occurs outside, you also don’t have to worry about the rare possibility of a gas leak or a heating fire.

2. Efficiency

furnace installationEnergy-efficient appliances provide homeowners with a chance to save on utility bills without sacrificing their comfort. The beauty of an outdoor furnace is that it doesn’t draw on any energy source except for wood. After a furnace installation, the only price you’ll pay from that point is for a regular supply of firewood. Other factors, like the furnace’s own insulation and the insulative properties of your home, can also save you money and prevent you from spending too much on wood.

3. Maintenance

Whether it’s located inside or outside, it’s vital to take proper care of your furnace installation. That starts with regular maintenance, which is essential to the unit’s health. During inspection, your heating contractor will flush the furnace and make sure there are no leaks anywhere in the system. Burning wood produces creosote, which may accumulate over time. Annual maintenance is recommend to prevent buildup and to maintain a reliable unit that produces clean air.


If you’re interested in learning more about an efficient way to heat your home, turn to the heating contractors at Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. The company specializes in furnace installations, AC repairs, and duct cleaning. They can assist with any HVAC concern that you have, and are happy to answer your questions about this innovative method of warming your home. Visit the company’s website to find out more, or call them at (715) 423-1086.

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