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What to Expect During Your Cupping Therapy Appointment February 20, 2019

New Hyde Park, North Hempstead
What to Expect During Your Cupping Therapy Appointment, North Hempstead, New York

Cupping therapy specialists apply suction cups to the skin to create sudden pressure and stimulate blood flow immediately underneath the skin’s surface. This can help with treating pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, and stress. See what to expect from your first appointment below.

During the Appointment

cupping therapyThe average appointment takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Your technician will instruct you to lie on your stomach. They will then apply the cups—usually glass or plastic—directly to your skin. As the suction cups sit on the skin, they will pull the blood closer to the surface. You may feel some pressure, but it should not be painful or uncomfortable. Some people feel an immediate release during the treatment, comparable to that of a massage, while others do not feel the effects until later.

After the Appointment

Because cupping therapy uses pressure, you’ll have red circular marks on your skin after the appointment. Those marks will remain for a few days, and the affected skin might be a little sensitive to the touch for the first day or two. The sensation after the treatment is similar to that of a deep tissue massage and varies from person to person. Some experience a restful sleep with vivid dreams, cravings for certain foods or no appetite, or an emotional release. Those effects tend to be most intense for the first few treatments, and as your body gets used to the technique, they will lessen.



Unsook Park’s Acupuncture is the premier location for self-care in New Hyde Park, NY. Licensed acupuncturist Unsook Park has almost 30 years of experience in holistic medicine. Whether you want to try acupuncture or cupping therapy, she is a qualified and effective professional who can help you relieve stress and tension. See a list of accepted insurance plans on her website and schedule your first appointment by calling (516) 858-0553.

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