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How to Protect Yourself From Motorists With Road Rage February 11, 2019

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How to Protect Yourself From Motorists With Road Rage, High Point, North Carolina

Road rage refers to overly aggressive or angry driving, which is incredibly dangerous. If you inadvertently trigger a hostile motorist, you could end up in a devastating collision. You could also end up facing serious consequences—and in need of a defense attorney—if you break local traffic laws when attempting to get away. To stay safe, it’s wise to avoid angry drivers at all costs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re behind the wheel.

Practice Prevention 

The best way to protect yourself from motorists with road rage is by avoiding them altogether. You can prevent angry altercations in traffic by driving in a predictable manner and following the rules of the road. This will reduce the chances of becoming the target of road rage, which can sometimes escalate to frightening levels. It will also make you less likely to get a ticket for violating traffic laws while attempting to evade or engage the irrational driver. It pays to exercise caution at all times while on the road—it could save you the need for a defense attorney or a hospital visit.

Consider the Big Picture

defense attorneyIf you do end up in a situation with another motorist and it becomes aggressive, try to remain calm. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of what matters most: getting to your destination safely.

Lock the doors and call the police if the other driver threatens your safety. Otherwise, get as far away from the vehicle as possible. Slow down, change lanes, take the next exit, or turn at the next intersection to put distance between the two cars. Before you arrive at your destination, be sure the driver has not followed you. Now is not the time to worry about making a statement or protecting your pride; it’s ultimately about staying safe and avoiding traffic violations.


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