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3 Ways to Purify the Air in Your Office February 20, 2019

Whiting, Portage
3 Ways to Purify the Air in Your Office, Whiting, Wisconsin

From dust to mold spores, there are many substances lurking on workplace surfaces. The particles get pulled into HVAC equipment and recirculate through the office, causing sneezing fits, worsening asthma symptoms, and additional discomfort. That’s why office cleaning should be a top priority in your business. Keeping areas tidy, along with the following suggestions, will improve indoor air quality, ensuring employees remain healthy and productive.   

How to Boost Air Quality in the Workplace

1. Schedule Routine Air Duct Cleaning

Whether or not HVAC equipment is maintained contributes to the quality of air circulating through the office. The fixtures suck in dust, pollen, and additional irritants through vents and registers. To prevent these particles from contaminating the air supply, invest in routine duct cleaning. Technicians will clean and disinfect fixtures. They’ll also seal any gaps that allow leaks into the system.  

2. Decorate With Office Plants

office cleaningPutting potted plants in communal areas and workstations won’t just add color and texture to interiors and make the office more inviting; that’s because vegetation also cleans the air you breathe. To begin photosynthesis, the plants absorb carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds through pores in their leaves, removing the toxins from the air supply. Plants convert the gasses to chemical energy for fuel to grow.   

3. Hire a Cleaning Company

Although you can enlist personnel to take turns office cleaning, professionals will do a better job. Janitorial services specialists will use commercial-grade equipment and cleaning products to give your office a top-to-bottom cleanse. They will vacuum and steam clean carpets, provide window cleaning, dust surfaces, and perform additional tasks to keep allergens from circulating in the air. 


For professional office cleaning to remove pollutants from the air, contact CleanPower - A Marsden Company in Stevens Point, WI. The technicians use cutting-edge practices to improve the appearance and safety of businesses throughout Portage County. To schedule office cleaning, call (800) 588-1608. The crew will also share tips to keep interiors tidy between appointments. Visit the cleaning company online to learn more about their commitment to local clients and connect on Facebook for announcements.