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3 Reasons you need an advocate when dealing with a car wreck insurance claim February 11, 2019

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3 Reasons you need an advocate when dealing with a car wreck insurance claim, Overland Park, Kansas

After you are like most people involved in an auto accident, most will only call the insurance company and assume everything will be handled in your best interests. This is far from the truth. Calling a wreck expert or a lawyer should also be one of the first item on your to-do list. In fact, you probably never new that a wreck expert existed to help you review your claim. In addition to recovering from your injuries and dealing with your car damages, many people also struggle with the aftermath of the entire process including the insurance claim. Here are three reasons you should have an expert available to help you while handling an auto accident claim. 

Benefits of Working With An Auto Accident Lawyer and a Wreck Expert

1. Take Care of Communication 

One of the most intimidating aspects of being involved in a car accident is the fact that auto insurance claims can be difficult, and settlements can be complicated to pursue. However, by working with an attorney willing to help you with your property damage claim, you can have an experienced professional talk with everyone from your insurance company to the opposing legal counsel, taking a great deal of stress off of your plate. Before you hire an attorney, select one that will help you pursue all of your injury and property damages, including the diminished value of your vehicle. There are many car wreck attorneys to choose from, but only a small percentage will also help with your vehicle damages.

2. Review Paperwork

auto accidentAttorneys can also help tremendously with the legal paperwork involved with an insurance claim. From gathering together the necessary documents, hiring an expert, or requesting an appraisal, they can submit the paperwork correctly which effectively streamlines the entire insurance payout process. 

3. Fight For Your Rights

If there are disagreements along the way about what you are entitled to, your attorney or the wreck expert can work hard to fight for what you are entitled to. From evaluating your current insurance policy to negotiating terms with the other insurance company, you can often walk away with a safer collision repair and a better settlement because of your involvement with an attorney. 


Whether you have been involved in a car accident within the last 2 years or you are still trying to wrap your mind around one that occurred recently, the team at WreckExpert.com can give you the advice you need to move on with your life. In addition to helping you to establish whether or not you have more to pursue, these experienced auto claim experts also offer a variety of different services ranging from estimate review, diminished value appraisals, total loss appraisals, damage inspections, body shop referrals, body shop after repair inspections, and even help you buying a replacement vehicle. To find out more about how they can help, visit their website or give their team a call at (913) 444-4636. This article is intended to only provide information, and should never be considered legal advice. 


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