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4 Home Design Tips for Aging in Place February 19, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Home Design Tips for Aging in Place, Manhattan, New York

Aging in place refers to an individual choosing to stay in their home for as long as they can as they age. If your goals have this concept in mind, there are plenty of ways to create a home design that will allow you to enjoy a wonderful and safe living space for years to come. Here are a few tips to get started.

A Guide to Aging in Place Design

1. Opt for a Rancher Style

Rancher-style houses—which are one floor—are free of stairs, which can be hazardous, especially as people age. Make your floor plan as open as possible, including your kitchen and living room areas, so that moving around the house is easy. If you are remodeling a two-story residence, add a bathroom to the first floor (if you don’t already have one) so that you don’t need to use the stairs often.

2. Build an Entrance Without Steps

home designAt least one entry door to your home should be step-free. This accommodates wheelchair ramps and limits the dangers associated with stairs. Additionally, having one ground-level entry door helps friends and family with mobility issues to enter your home. 

3. Use Non-Slip Flooring

Design or remodel bathrooms and kitchens with non-slip flooring materials such as tile, rubber, or vinyl that has been treated with special coatings. This will help prevent slips that can lead to injuries. These materials are also inexpensive and easy to install.

4. Work With Contrasting Colors

Use contrasting colors in your home design scheme to assist with depth perception. The ability to distinguish between colors becomes more difficult as we age, so opt for rich hues around your home, such as blue and green. Older people often have issues seeing the differences between pastels and other light tones, as well as between dark colors.  


Get the home design assistance you need to create the perfect residence as you age by contacting Knockout Renovations. This home design and renovation company is based in Manhattan’s Midtown East. They will work with you from a project’s conception to completion. Call (212) 599-5060 today to schedule a free design consultation or visit the website for more about their services. 

Here is a home they designed: 


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