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Train Your Brain at Power Brain Training Center's Summer Camp July 14, 2015

Chantilly, Fairfax County
Train Your Brain at Power Brain Training Center's Summer Camp, Chantilly, Virginia

Is your child tired of the same old boring summer camp routines of arts and crafts, woodland hikes, and a cup of warm orange drink? Maybe it's time to consider Summer Camp at the Power Brain Training Center (PBTC). With locations in

Bayside, NY, Fairfax, VA, and Mesa, AZ.  Power Brain is a brain education training center that works with both children and adults to unlock the potentials of their minds.

  • PBTC Summer Camp Components: There are several parts of Summer Camp, each designed to embody the fields of neuroscience and Asian mind-body practices. Each component will engage your child's mind, tap into his or her creative resources, and promote memory improvement, concentration, and relaxation. Included are the following:
    • Brain Art (martial arts, yoga, and more)
    • Brain Power Study Enhancement Sessions
    • Brain Sensitizing Exercises
    • Leadership Strengthening
    • Outdoor Adventures
    • Team Building Activities
  • Benefits of Summer Camp at PBTC: This is no run-of-the-mill summer camp. PBTC's program aims to revolutionize the way your child thinks and shows up in the world. Benefits include creativity enhancement, focus improvement, more harmonious social interactions, improved physical health, and stronger academic skills, to name just a few.

Call the nearest location of Power Brain Training Center to sign your child up for this exciting summer experience, or visit online. He or she will be challenged, inspired, and have a lot of fun, all while forging lasting friendships and learning more about how the brain works. You will see for yourself how physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises can transform a child's life and help that child make his or her mark on the world.