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How to Create a Septic Maintenance Schedule February 18, 2019

Archdale, Randolph
How to Create a Septic Maintenance Schedule, Archdale, North Carolina

Homeowners must follow a septic maintenance schedule to keep their wastewater and sewage system working correctly. By performing regular care, you’ll mitigate the need for more costly services later. Here are five aspects to consider when figuring out septic maintenance timing for pumping and cleaning.

Plan Septic Maintenance Around These 5 Factors

1. Tank Size

How big is your septic tank? If you’re not sure, contact a septic expert to locate and assess this container to provide information on size and when it was last serviced. These are key metrics to know when setting a septic maintenance schedule.

2. Last Service

When was the last time the system was serviced? It’s critical to know when it was pumped and cleaned so you can use this information to set up your next appointments. Keep a log denoting every service so you can easily decide on the next time you’ll need professional septic maintenance.

3. Appliances

septic maintenanceMost homes feature a few key appliances that funnel water or sewage into the septic tank. A washing machine, sinks, tubs, and toilets are standard, but you’ll need to pump the tank more often if you have installed a hot tub, jacuzzi, garbage disposal or a dishwasher. Read the manufacturer recommendations on pumping for a standard household and then add more frequent pumpings if you install other appliances.

4. Number of Household Residents

The number of people living in a residence plays a critical role in septic maintenance. For example, a house with a 1,000-gallon septic tank and two residents only require pumping every five years. In a household of six people, the reservoir may need to be serviced every two years to account for the additional use.

5. Water Treatment

Some homeowners use water conditioners or softeners to mitigate iron and remove heavy metals from their taps by adding salt to the water. This practice can minimize the number of healthy bacteria in a septic tank and facilitate the need for more frequent pumping to keep the drain field in good condition. A septic maintenance team can inspect your tank to learn whether your chosen water treatment or conditioning method will require pumping more often.


If you’re looking for septic maintenance professionals to perform pumping or cleaning contact Queen’s Septic Tank Service serving Guilford, Randolph, Davidson, Forsyth Counties. The family-owned and -operated company will ensure your sewage system is in top shape thanks to their talented team and after-hours emergency offerings. Call (336) 870-1144 or visit the website for information on their residential and commercial tank repairs, installations, and inspections.

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