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3 Tips for Keeping Vinyl Siding Like New February 19, 2019

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3 Tips for Keeping Vinyl Siding Like New, Ozark, Alabama

Vinyl siding is vastly superior to many other siding options because it’s low-maintenance, beautiful, and energy-efficient. To keep it secure and looking its best, there are a few minor steps you should take. Follow them and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful, long-lasting covering on your home for years to come.

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

1. Wash Regularly

You should give your vinyl siding a thorough cleaning at least once a year. You can either use a stiff-bristle brush with a mild soapy solution or a power washer.

vinyl sidingIf you use the latter, make sure you follow all directions and use the recommended pressure for your siding to prevent damage. This will remove dirt, mold, and mildew that could be detrimental to the siding, and when you’re finished, your home will look brand-new.

2. Cover It During Home Projects

If you’re using stains, sealants, insecticides, or herbicides around your home, you should cover any portions of your vinyl siding that could be exposed. The chemicals in these substances could interact with the chemicals in vinyl, creating unsightly discoloration. While this won’t reduce the life span of your siding, it could make your home harder to sell.

3. Watch for Loose Pieces

When it’s first installed, your siding is secured firmly to the side of your house. But over time, it may work loose, leaving it susceptible to heavy winds. The next time a large storm strikes, it could pull pieces of the vinyl off, putting your home at higher risk of water damage. The next time you’re cleaning your siding, watch for any pieces that have more give—they’re more likely to come off.


Eventually, vinyl siding will wear out and you’ll need to replace it, no matter how well you’ve maintained it. When that happens, you can trust the team at Decks Unlimited in Ozark, AL. For over 16 years, this family-owned and -operated business has built custom decks, sunrooms, and pool enclosures and installed seamless gutters, siding, and new windows—all of which receive a lifetime warranty on workmanship. To receive a free estimate on your project, call (334) 774-1608 and visit their website to view photos of their work.

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