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4 Tips for Gifting a Car February 19, 2019

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4 Tips for Gifting a Car, Brighton, New York

A car is a wow-worthy gift any time of year, whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary. Since keeping this gift a surprise is a bit challenging due to the paperwork involved, make a plan before visiting your local car dealership. Use these tips as a starting point.

What to Know Before Giving a Car as a Gift

1. Choose the Right Vehicle for the Loved One’s Needs

Give yourself time to find the perfect vehicle for your partner. If the person already has a car, consider what your loved one likes and dislikes about it. Also consider factors such as cabin space and storage, fuel efficiency, safety features, add-ons, and the vehicle color. If your loved one does not have a car but regularly drives yours, think about what they enjoy most about the vehicle.

2. Learn About Vehicle Registration & Title Procedures in Your State

car dealershipDetermine if you can purchase a car in someone else’s name, as some states do not allow this. In New York, for example, your loved one has to apply for vehicle registration on a gifted car, show identification and a copy of your ID, and apply for a title. If you are gifting a vehicle you already own, you must provide the title and registration certificate as well as a completed Statement of Transaction form. Keep in mind most car dealership employees are well-versed in their state’s title and registration processes, so let them know the car is a gift.

3. Devise a Financing Strategy

If you are not paying the entire vehicle amount up front, you must create a financing strategy in light of your down payment and credit. If the receiver will take over monthly payments, finance the car in your name first since car dealerships cannot run credit checks on buyers who are not present. In that case return to the dealership with the receiver to renegotiate the financing terms. The receiver will also fill out tax paperwork.

4. Remember the Car Insurance Factor

Review your car insurance policy, as you may have up to two weeks of automatic coverage before you need to add the vehicle to your plan. Adding a new vehicle to your insurance policy takes little effort if you are married; however, you need to let your insurance agent know the car is a gift to prevent premature paperwork deliveries. In that instance, ask about bind and delay options, or when the coverage is there but the paperwork will not come until after the spouse receives the gift. If you are unmarried, discuss insurance options with your car dealership.


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