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Will Posting Bail for Someone Affect My Credit Score? February 11, 2019

Will Posting Bail for Someone Affect My Credit Score?, ,

Since no one ever plans on getting arrested, posting bail for a loved one is virtually always an unanticipated expense. And depending on the circumstances, it can be a hefty one. Even if you plan on securing a bond, there are fees associated with doing so, and the higher the bail amount, the larger they will be. Here is what you should know about financing these fees if you cannot scrounge up enough cash for them on short notice. 

Can I Take Out a Loan to Obtain a Bail Bond?

Reputable agencies are determined to make bailing out a loved one as simple as possible. In other words, they prefer to finance the fees themselves if clients cannot pay in cash. Although you could theoretically obtain a personal loan to cover the fees, it will be much faster—and potentially more affordable—to work directly with the bail bond agency and choose from one of their payment plans. Unlike lenders that extend personal loans, the bond agency will not always make a hard inquiry on your credit before offering a loan for the fees and should not charge interest. 

Will Posting Bail Appear on My Credit Report?

bailPosting bail is like any other consumer transaction. In other words, even if you finance the fees by taking out a loan with the agency, it will not affect your credit directly. The only way the transaction could end up hurting your score is if you fall behind on payments. If you are unable to meet the minimum obligations set forth by the agency—or you put the fees on a credit card and then miss a payment—the debt could go to collections, thereby resulting in a delinquent mark on your report. As long as you stay on top of the payments, though, posting bail for someone will not affect your credit score whatsoever. 

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