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How to Select Gravel for Your Landscaping February 18, 2019

Kalifornsky, Kenai Peninsula
How to Select Gravel for Your Landscaping, Kalifornsky, Alaska

Gravel aggregates are popular in all types of landscaping. This is no surprise since it is an affordable and attractive addition to any yard. There are many different types of gravel out there, so selecting the best one can seem overwhelming. If you consider a few important factors, however, finding just the right aggregate can be simple.

Guide to Choosing Gravel for Your Yard

1. Determine Your Purpose

First, know where you will be placing the gravel and what purpose it is supposed to serve. If you will be driving on it, you need a wheel-friendly rock that won’t get stuck in your tire tread. This means you want either a very fine gravel such as decomposed granite or a larger option such as crushed rock. If it is a walkway, choose a larger rock that won’t roll underfoot or get stuck in shoes. If you’ll be walking on it a lot, you may even want to consider finishing the surface with a binding product to hold the aggregate in place.

2. Consider Colorsaggregates

Appearance matters, so choose a color that will complement your garden nicely. Warm tones complement greenery and blue or purple flowers nicely, while cooler tones are best for a garden with pale flowers. Consider your hardscaping as well; if you have pavers on top of the gravel or brick that will be lining the edge, choose a color that will stand out from the pavers for contrast.

3. Plan for Drainage

If the gravel is meant to be the main ground cover for your garden, then you’ll need one that doesn’t compact down. However, you won’t want to choose rocks that are too large, which could complicate adding new plants when needed. Pea gravel, decomposed granite, and crushed rock are all good options. If you like the look of finer gravel, plan for your drainage in other ways, such as sloping the area toward a drain.


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