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5 Best Ways to Rep Your Favorite Sports Team June 19, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
5 Best Ways to Rep Your Favorite Sports Team, Brooklyn, New York

Every sports fan wants to rep their team, no matter what time of year. There are plenty of ways to show your team spirit. So whether you’re at a sports bar, watching from home, or cheering at the stadium, use the following tips to show your pride and support your team.

How to Rep Your Favorite Team

1. Learn Team Cheers

Does your side have a special chant they use after scoring points or making specific plays? Cheering is a big part of the revelry, so make sure you know what to say and join in on the fun. Even if you’re not at the game, it’s a good way to identify fans like yourself and feel a sense of unity.

2. Invest in Quality Gear

sports barShow off your passion for the game with some quality gear. You can wear hats, T-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and other officially licensed apparel just about anywhere. They’re especially handy for finding your side at the sports bar. Team clothing demonstrates your loyalty as a fan, and you can wear it throughout the year.

3. Utilize Team Colors

Team colors can be used in creative ways to express your support. Make unique designs with makeup, get in the game with face paint, or go all-out with temporary hair dye. This method is great for tailgates, stadium seating, parties, and get-togethers at your favorite sports bar.

4. Host a Themed Watch Party

Invite friends, family, and neighbors over to watch the big game at your house. Don’t forget to rep your team with decorations and themed appetizers and desserts. Put up banners, streamers, and confetti to give your home a spark of team spirit. To satisfy your guests and boost your energy, order delicious gameday foods like wings, onion rings, and wraps from a restaurant.

5. Hang With Fellow Fans at a Sports Bar

One of the best ways to represent your team is by finding your crowd at a sports bar. Head there to watch the next game with your fellow fans, eat great food, and share a few drinks together. You can all better rep your team colors in a lively group.


Cheer on your team with an ice cold beer and mouthwatering wings from Buffalo Wild Wings®. With several locations across New York and Connecticut, including Danbury, New Haven, and the Bronx, this sports bar is renowned as the hottest spot to watch any game. No matter which leagues you follow, you can catch a variety of sports year-round on more than 30 strategically placed flat-screen televisions. Visit their website to find the location nearest you.

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