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3 Tips to Improve Posture While Sitting February 18, 2019

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
3 Tips to Improve Posture While Sitting, Kahului, Hawaii

If you’ve been to a furniture store recently, you’ve probably seen ergonomic workstations and chairs, which can have a host of wellness and productivity benefits, including better posture and reduced back pain. But adopting healthy sitting habits, and investing in comfortable furniture, can also help you feel better at home. Here are three tips to improve posture while seated, whether you’re playing video games or reading a book.

3 Ways to Improve Posture at Home

1. Sit on a Bean Bag Chair

If you’re seated in an unsupportive or uncomfortable chair an extended period, it may result in spinal compression, back pain, headaches. The shredder memory foam in bean bags fits and supports your body, which is particularly helpful if you sit for several hours at a time.

2. Use Pillows

furniture storeA lower back or tube pillow is an excellent way to add lower back support. This is particularly helpful if you’re sitting on a couch or armchair, which may not provide the support you need to keep your spine aligned and comfortable. Neck pillows are also helpful, particularly if you frequently experience shoulder or neck pain. Ask a team member at your local furniture store to help you find a pillow suited for your particular needs.

3. Stretch

If you’re sitting at home watching TV, get up and stretch once in a while. A back extension, similar to the cobra pose in yoga, is an excellent stretch for improving posture and reducing pain. Get on the floor and lay on your stomach with your arms at your side. Keep your head down with your forehead touching the ground. Contract your back muscles and lift your torso off the floor while lengthening your body from the top of your head and through your toes. For support, put your hands with palms flat on the ground. Hold the stretch for a few seconds, lower, and repeat five times.


If you’re seeking comfortable furniture to ease body aches, visit Milega Hawaii in Kahului. This shop is the area’s best furniture store, for high-quality furnishings. Their durable bean bag chairs are constructed and finished on Maui, using a unique soft and stretchy fabric to form to your body, and machine-washable covers for easy care. They also carry support pillows, sensory swings, and tents to ensure everyone in the family is happy and comfortable. Call (808) 877-2888 to schedule a tour of the furniture store’s showroom, or visit the website to view their online catalog.

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