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3 Apps That Make It Easier to Concentrate on Work March 1, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Apps That Make It Easier to Concentrate on Work, St. Petersburg, Florida

Whether completing assignments at the office computer or finishing projects on your MacBook® while out of town, it can be difficult to keep your mind on the task at hand. Losing concentration and focus can impact the quality of your work and how long it takes to complete one job before moving on to the next. To remain on task and boost productivity levels, consider installing one or all of the following apps on your MacBook, iPhone®, or iPad®

3 Apps Designed to Keep You Focused on Work

1. FocusList

Available for download on the iPhone, MacBook, and Apple Watch®, FocusList is an app that helps users practice better time management. It builds on the principles of the Pomodoro Technique—a method where timers are used to dissect the workload into separate intervals. In the app, users select one task at a time from a list. A built-in time tracker sets the time for 25 minutes, after which there’s a five-minute break before starting again. The timed schedule is designed to limit distractions that pull focus.

2. Noisli

MacBookFrom car alarms to chatty co-workers, there are several sounds that can pull focus from the task at hand. Noisli is designed to keep away these distractions. Available for iPhone and iPad, the app allows users to muffle distracting noises by playing sounds of rainfall, rustling leaves, and other white noises that aid concentration. 

3. Forest

From looking at social media updates to checking your personal email, many people scroll through phones instead of getting work done. Developed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Forest also uses timed intervals to help users remain focused. You are expected to put your phone down after the timer is set and not look at it until the time is up. If you succeed, a graphic of a tree will come up on the screen. If you get distracted and pick up your phone during the next interval, the tree will die. If not, another tree will grow. The objective is to build a forest throughout the day, which reflects on your ability to remain focused.


Using these apps can help you make the best use of your time at work. For other ways to optimize your computer and other devices, contact the team at Experimax St. Petersburg. Residents throughout Pinellas County, FL, visit the store for high-quality, used iPhone and iPad products, as well as pre-owned MacBook computers, to meet their work and personal needs. They will also share tips to protect your machine from viruses. To learn more about their inventory, call (727) 289-3367 or visit their website.