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3 Common Uses for Propane in the Home February 15, 2019

Ottawa, Waukesha
3 Common Uses for Propane in the Home, Ottawa, Wisconsin

Propane is a versatile, clean-burning gas that is often identified as a vehicle or barbecue fuel source. However, this non-toxic and odorless fuel can also be used in many other ways around your home. Below are a few of the most common household uses for propane gas

Top Ways to Use Propane Gas in Your Home

1. Fireplace

propane gasPropane fireplaces are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional fuel sources like wood. A propane tank can be installed to fit any type of gas fireplace. Rather than having to burn logs, you can start the fire with the press of a button. There’s also less clean-up involved, and the fire doesn’t need to be tended to stay lit.  

2. Heated Pool

Propane gas is an energy-efficient heating system for an in-ground pool or jacuzzi. Unlike heat pumps, a propane system heats up immediately and does not require warm weather to transfer energy. Electric heating pumps also increase the price of your utility bills, while propane consumes less energy and is off the grid. 

3. Stovetop Range

Propane gas is an affordable fuel source for your stovetop range and oven. It is also safe, as these appliances have instant off switches, allowing you to have more control over heating strength and distribution. While an electric cooktop must take time to warm up, propane heats immediately. 


If you’re interested in using propane to fuel appliances around your home, turn to the team at Dousman LP Gas. For over 37 years, this family-owned and -operated business has provided cost-effective propane gas tanks and fast delivery to residents throughout Waukesha County, WI. They also offer exceptional customer service and convenient payment plans to ensure you can keep your property powered all year round. Call (262) 965-2679 today to speak with a friendly customer service representative or visit them online for more information about their full list of services. 

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