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What You Need to Know About Heating Oil & Fuel Additives February 15, 2019

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What You Need to Know About Heating Oil & Fuel Additives, Ledyard, Connecticut

When it comes to the fuel used for your home heating system, there’s more to consider than just the base heating oil itself. Fuel additives may have a significant impact on the performance of your system in the years ahead. Here’s what you should know about additives and your heating oil.

A Guide to Additives for Home Fuel

What Do Additives Do?

Heating oil additives serve many purposes, but the ultimate goal of each variety is to increase the longevity of the fuel and your tank. For example, UltraGuard® is designed to improve the efficiency and performance of heating oil by helping the fuel burn cleaner and reduce sediment buildup. This also reduces rust and corrosion buildup within the tank itself.

Other additives may help prevent excess water condensation, treat microbial growth, or actively clean fuel delivery lines. Some additives also increase heating oil’s resistance to cold, ensuring that the fuel will continue to flow properly when temperatures dip below freezing. By consistently enhancing performance, fuel additives will keep your tank running properly and increase the usable life of your heating oil.

How Do You Get Additives in Your Tank?

heating oilAs useful as fuel additives can be, they aren’t something you should try adding on your own, especially if you’ve already had your fuel delivered. Many companies blend fuel additives in with the oil they provide to their customers, so it may already contain a solution that would make further additives redundant. Some of these substances don’t react well together. 

If you want to know what additives a potential fuel provider uses, simply call and ask. If additives weren’t included at delivery, ask about your options and how you can use them. This value-adding service will help you conserve your heating oil and reduce the need for tank maintenance and repairs — so it’s well worth choosing a provider who understands their benefits. 


For high-quality heating oil treated with UltraGuard, choose Andersen Oil Company. Serving the New London County, CT, area for over 45 years, their heating oil delivery services are available 24/7 at affordable prices that will help you manage your energy needs. To learn more about how they’ll help your home or business, visit them online or call (860) 464-7628.

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