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Fun Facts About The Creative Embroidery History at BB Embroidery July 20, 2015

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Fun Facts About The Creative Embroidery History at BB Embroidery , Honolulu, Hawaii

Embroidery is an excellent way to get brand exposure, and in Hawaii, Harold Bartell and Bill Thompson saw a strong need for it and founded  BB Embroidery . It's now a family owned business that has been providing professional, top notch embroidery since 1976, leaving a long trail of very happy customers every step of the way. Here are some fun facts about this long standing company:

  • The Beginning: Harold Bartell and Bill Thompson started BB Embroidery with a broken embroidery machine that cost them $500.00.
  • Ownership: Family owned, this company is run by the wife and two sons of original owner Bart Bartell. Bart bought out his partner, Bill Thompson in 1980.
  • The First Customer: The first to buy BB Embroidery products was The Waikiki Yacht Club, who purchased custom uniform embroidery.
  • The First Factory: The 300-foot space of the old Ironworks building was the first BB Embroidery factory.
  • The First Crew: BB Embroidery trained the first Crazy Shirts embroidery crew.
  • Expansion: BB Embroidery expanded into promotional products with BB Specialties, providing embroidery for small and large companies alike.
  • How It Works: The Honolulu factory hums with computer-controlled Tajima sewing machines run by a professional staff.
  • On Average: The average design uses 30 feet of thread and 5,500 stitches.
  • Most common fabric: Rayon is the most commonly used fabric for embroidery.

Visit BB Embroidery online to browse through their beautifully photographed and laid out samples, choose an item from their catalogs of sportswear, uniforms and garments, or view their helpful FAQ. You can also call them with any embroidery questions at (808) 841-7351 or email them at sales@bbembroidery.com.

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