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When Should I Schedule Non-Emergency Medical Transportation? May 24, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
When Should I Schedule Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?, Brooklyn, New York

When you need to visit your physician or undergo treatment at a hospital, finding appropriate transportation is key. If you’re unable to drive, your primary options are non-emergency medical transportation or calling an ambulance. Here’s some helpful information to review so you know which method is best based on your circumstances. 

When Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Useful?

Non-emergency medical transportation refers to a scheduled ride booked in advance to see your doctor or make a checkup at your local hospital. This form of transportation is ideal when you’re unable to operate a vehicle on your own and friends or loved ones are unavailable to drive you. Medical transportation is also convenient for individuals with mobility issues or who need extra room to relax during the commute. These vehicles are also helpful when you need to travel longer distances comfortably without urgency. 

When Should You Call an Ambulance?

Medical TransportationUnlike scheduled medical transportation, an ambulance will arrive as soon as possible when you’re in the midst of a medical emergency and the vehicle will have sirens and flashing lights so you can get to your destination quickly. Situations that require an ambulance range from sustaining an injury, being in an auto accident, or experiencing life-threatening symptoms such as extreme chest pains or shortness of breath. Dial 911 when you need a fast ride to the hospital under the supervision of trained paramedics who can treat you along the way until you’re with a doctor. 


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