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FAQ About Spare Tires February 19, 2019

Eastside, Paterson
FAQ About Spare Tires, Paterson, New Jersey

Many vehicles have spare tires, but car owners often don’t think of them until they experience a flat or a puncture. It’s vital to maintain spares so they’re useful if you need them, and that means knowing a bit about them. Here is a guide to spares to help you get started.

4 Commonly Asked Spare Tire Questions

How should I care for it?

Many people air up their tires regularly but forget about the spare. You don’t want to have an emergency and be unable to use it because it’s flat. If your spare is attached to the vehicle on the back, be sure to cover it to keep it in top shape and protect it from wind and weather.

What is a donut?

Take a look at your spare. Does it look like a regular, full-sized tire or is it skinny and more rounded? The latter is known as a donut and is the most common time of a spare tire but only offers limited use. If you have to install a donut, it’s crucial to know where the nearest repair shop is as these tires aren’t meant for extended trips.

What tools do I need to change a tire?

tiresCreate an emergency kit for your vehicle that contains everything necessary to change a spare. That means including a tire, jack, and socket wrench to remove the lug nuts and swap out the tire. Choose a hydraulic jack if you want to pump the lever up and down to lift the car or opt for a classic scissor jack that requires an easy cranking motion to elevate the vehicle.

How far can I drive on a spare?

If you have a donut, it should only be used to drive the vehicle to a repair shop. Full-sized replacement tires that have been properly maintained can work for years, but be sure to purchase a new replacement in case you experience another flat or punctured issue.


If you need tire repair or want to replace a donut, head to 21 Ave Tire Repair in New York City, NY, to browse their expansive inventory. The company has been in business for over seven years offering new and used Firestone®, Primewell®, and Bridgestone® tires. Call (973) 225-0923 for information on their 15-minute appointment average with superior service.

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