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Which Gutter Material Is Best For Your Home? February 19, 2019

Platteville, Grant
Which Gutter Material Is Best For Your Home?, Platteville, Wisconsin

Your home’s gutters are key to efficient water drainage. They direct rainwater away from your foundation and siding, protecting your home from costly damage. When upgrading your gutters, you want to choose a material that fits your home needs, local climate, and budget. This guide will help you understand the pros and cons of various gutter materials. 

What to Know About Gutter Material Options

1. Copper

Copper has become a popular gutter material due to its durability and aesthetic. This material looks clean and elegant, matching a variety of siding colors. It is also resistant to rusting and can hold up to harsh weather. If you are considering copper gutters, keep in mind that they will cost more upfront than some other materials. However, they tend to last decades.

2. Vinyl

sidingThis gutter material is both lightweight and affordable, making it a common option in many regions. Vinyl gutters can lower your home improvement budget initially. However, they do not last as long as copper and aluminum. These gutters can often crack and sag over time, especially when they are hit with wind and hail. If you purchase vinyl gutters, you should expect to replace them sooner than other materials,

3. Aluminium

Homeowners who aren’t prepared to invest in copper gutters might consider aluminum. This material is also resistant to rust and can last for decades. They are more lightweight and less durable than copper, but they can still hold up to the elements. Aluminum may experience denting, so talk to your gutter installation company about how to address any damage. 

4. Wood

Historic homes with original siding and other features may have wood gutters. This can preserve the historic integrity of their house. Wooden gutters are pricier and higher maintenance than alternative materials, but with the proper treatments it will stay beautiful for years to come. 


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