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A Comprehensive Guide to Septic Systems February 19, 2019

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A Comprehensive Guide to Septic Systems, Carmel, New York

septic system is an underground wastewater treatment network often found on rural residential properties. These structures are key to the proper disposal of household waste, which is why homeowners should be familiar with how they function. To ensure you have the information you need to maintain your system, here is a brief overview of its inner workings.

How Does Your Septic System Work?

septicWhen you wash food remnants down the drain or flush the toilet, the wastewater moves through the main drainage pipe into the septic tank. The septic tank is the underground container designed to hold and separate the contents of the waste. Oil and grease float to the top, while solids sink to the bottom and form a layer of sludge. The liquid between the scum and sludge is known as the effluent; it contains bacteria and chemicals that act as fertilizers. The effluent flows out of the tank and into the drainfield, an excavation made from soil, gravel, and sand. To remove toxins and contaminants, the effluent is filtered through the soil and gravel and then seeps back into the groundwater supply. 

How Do You Maintain Your Septic System?

A clogged tank or too much water flowing into the drainfield could cause a sewage backup or an overflow. To prevent these issues, schedule septic pump cleaning about every three to five years, depending on your local laws. A septic system professional will use specialized equipment to pump the sludge from the tank. As a preventative measure, be careful about the items you toss in your drain or flush down the toilet; paper towels, feminine products, and grease may clog up the main line and lead to a backup. 


When it’s time to schedule septic pumping or routine maintenance, turn to the team at Great Bear Septic Service in Carmel, NY. With 31 years in the septic industry, they specialize in a wide variety of services, from tank maintenance and pumping to grease trap cleaning and repairs. They are also licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure that you always receive high-quality results. Call (845) 621-0250 today to schedule an appointment in Putnam County or visit their website for their full list of services. 

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