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4 Tips for Choosing a Grass Trimmer February 15, 2019

Monroe, Fairfield County
4 Tips for Choosing a Grass Trimmer, Monroe, Connecticut

Whether you need to chop down weeds or neaten the edge of your lawn, a string trimmer is the tool you need. There are many types of trimmers to choose from, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few tips to help you select one that will work for you and your property. 

A Guide to Selecting a Grass Trimmer

1. Gas or Electric?

Like many outdoor power tools, there are gas and electric models. Gas trimmers are more powerful and offer a wider cutting area, while electric versions are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly since they don’t emit fossil fuels.  

2. String Types

The trimmer's string can come in one long spool that is used up a little at a time, or in short segments. The shorter strings must be replaced more frequently while you're working. The longer strings, however, do not require frequent replacements, but when you do replace them, you’ll need to coil the string into place. 

3. Cord vs. Cordless

TrimmersIf you have a large yard, purchase a gas or battery-powered option since they offer more mobility. For smaller yards, a trimmer with a power cord is ideal because you won't need to charge or refuel it, saving you time and money.

4. Weight & Balance

Gas-powered trimmers are heavier than electric ones,  making them harder to use. If you won’t be able to handle the weight, buy a trimmer with a curved shaft as that allows for easier handling. Ones with straight shafts, however, offer a further reach, making them better for homeowners with larger yards.


For a full selection of trimmers as well as other yard and hand tools, visit L & R Power Equipment in Monroe, CT. With a service area that includes Trumble, East End, Monroe, Shelton, and Fairfield, they have 58 years of experience offering parts and equipment, as well as a selection larger than any local competitor. For questions, call (203) 268-8400 or reach out online.

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