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4 FAQ About Ankle Braces February 14, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 FAQ About Ankle Braces, Manhattan, New York

If you have a sprained ankle or related conditions, your foot doctor may recommend an ankle brace to protect and support the joint. If you haven't worn an ankle brace before, there are some tips you should know before getting started. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this medical tool.

Ankle Brace FAQ

What can ankle braces be used for?

In addition to sprained ankles, a brace may be used to support the area during recovery from a number of minor ankle injuries. It can also provide protection during physical activity, minimizing the risk of strain.

What kinds of ankle braces are available?

Sprained AnkleThe two main types of ankle brace are rigid and lace-up models. Rigid versions provide the most protection, but lace-up ankle braces are the most affordable option and still provide significant support.

How should I use my ankle brace?

Some ankle braces are designed to be worn directly on the foot or over a sock, while others go on over your shoe. In either case, the fit should be tight enough to limit mobility, but loose enough to allow full circulation. Your doctor will inform you how long to wear the brace each day, since it differs depending on your injury. You shouldn’t sleep in your ankle brace unless specifically instructed to do so.

Are there any risks or drawbacks to an ankle brace?

There is a common misconception that relying on a brace can cause your ankle to weaken over time, or that it protects your ankle at the expense of more frequent knee injuries. However, there is no evidence that either of these claims is correct.


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