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How to Paint Your Walls With an Air Compressor February 14, 2019

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How to Paint Your Walls With an Air Compressor, Fairbanks, Alaska

Painting a room manually with a roller brush can take a while and create unflattering lines on your walls. For an even coat, use an air compressor. However, if you’ve never operated one of these pneumatic power tools before, there could be a slight learning curve. Use the tips below to make your project a success.

3 Steps of Painting With an Air Compressor

1. Gather Supplies

In addition to your chosen paint color and an air compressor, you’ll need a few more supplies before the painting can begin. The compressor is only one part of the power tool. You’ll also need a spray gun to direct the paint onto the walls. To protect furnishings, the floor, and other areas from unwanted paint, pick up a drop cloth and masking tape as well. It’s also recommended to wear a mask, goggles, and gloves whenever working with paint.

2. Connect Your Power Tool

power toolsThe spray gun attachment should be fastened to the air compressor using a high-pressure hose. For the correct pressure requirements for this project, consult with the manufacturer guide. Also, make sure the compressor can handle the cubic airflow per minute required by the spray gun, which is 12 to 25 PSI (pounds per square inch) on average.

3. Prime the Compressor & Sprayer

Plug in the compressor, and use the regulator to let it begin building to the correct air pressure while you ready the paint. Pour a small amount of paint thinner into the reservoir located on the bottom of the gun. Then, open the meter valve—a screw typically located above the handle—aim the nozzle at a test area, and squeeze the trigger for a few seconds until thinner comes out. Slowly adjust the pressure and pattern knobs on the gun to reach the correct settings. Once you’ve found them, it’s time to fill the paint cup with the actual mixture and get to work. 


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