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3 Benefits of Recycling Your Used Business Supplies February 14, 2019

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3 Benefits of Recycling Your Used Business Supplies, Harrison, Arkansas

Business owners often have to upgrade their office equipment to keep up with changing technology, and many end up tossing their obsolete computers and printers in the trash. Electronics can sit in landfills, where they never decompose and take up valuable land space. Instead, consider these reasons why you should donate your business e-waste to a recycling center.

3 Reasons to Give Your Obsolete Computers & Printers to a Recycling Center

1. It’s Better for the Environment

One of the biggest reasons electronic waste is so harmful is because it encourages manufacturers to mine and use natural resources to create the materials for their products. Gases are emitted in the process of creating new glass and plastics for computer parts. By recycling, the parts of your old computers will be reused, reducing the number of resources consumed overall.

2. It Boosts Your Company’s Reputation 

recyclingCompanies who recycle their business waste have a more favorable reputation amongst clients and employees than those who don’t. Many companies seek out partnerships with other environmentally responsible businesses, and you’ll please your stockholders and public relations staff if you can show you’re taking steps to minimize your carbon footprint.

3. It Helps You Avoid Penalties

Some municipalities have laws and regulations about what type of waste businesses can dump in landfills. Complying with these regulations can help you avoid penalties and fines. For example, the Arkansas state legislature banned electronic waste from solid waste landfills in the state, and businesses must follow hazardous waste rules when disposing of e-waste. 


Evage Electronic Recycling in Harrison, AR, makes it easy to recycle your company’s old office supplies. This EPA-certified waste management and recycling center accepts appliances, computers, and other electronics. To ensure the process is as convenient as possible, they offer recycling pickup services for a low fee, and they can wipe hard drives while you watch. They also provide recycling certificates to reward your efforts and show your clients the steps you’re taking to help the environment. Call (870) 416-2294 to schedule a pickup service today, or visit them online to learn more about their recycling services for businesses.