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What to Know about Geothermal Heating February 14, 2019

Lorain, Lorain
What to Know about Geothermal Heating , Lorain, Ohio

Geothermal units are a popular choice in modern-day central heating systems. If you are looking to invest in an effective and eco-friendly option for your home’s comfort, this may be the right choice for you. Understand how these central heating systems work and what they offer to make an educated decision.

Guide to Geothermal Units

How They Work

geothermal unitsGeothermal units pull on the earth’s underground temperature, which remains relatively constant year-round. It typically hovers around 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The system uses a series of pipes filled with water or refrigerant, which are dug deep into the ground. The fluid runs through the pipes, pulling heat from the ground and transferring it into the unit. The exchanger then transfers it to the air. In the summer, the system will do the opposite by pulling heat from the house and transfer it into the ground to cool your home.

Why They’re a Smart Choice

While geothermal systems may cost more to install than the average HVAC system, that investment is worthwhile. They are about 50–70% more efficient than traditional heating systems, which means that you’ll enjoy lower utility bills year-round. By being so highly efficient, it is much better for the environment and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

They also function silently, so all you’ll hear when the system is running is the sound of the fan pushing air through your ducts. The ground loops are expected to last more than 50 years, while the indoor components usually last around 25 years.  This is significantly longer than your average HVAC system, which lasts around 15 years.


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