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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Light Fixtures for Each Space February 14, 2019

Normal, Ashland
3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Light Fixtures for Each Space, Ashland, Kentucky

Lighting is a key aspect of every room in the home. Whether your fixture is a simple design that brings attention to other parts of the space or a statement piece that draws the eye all on its own, think through your selection carefully. Use the guide below to choose just the right electrical installation for each of the main areas in your home.

How to Choose Your Home’s Lighting

1. Dining Room

Most dining rooms look best with a dramatic chandelier to set the tone for entertainment. The fixture should be centered over the table, even if that means it’s not centered in the room itself. Choose a chandelier that is one half to one third the width of your dining table in diameter.

The bottom of the fixture should stop around 30 to 36 inches above your tabletop. Consider the shape of your table as well: circular fixtures look lovely with a round or square table, while very long tables look best with either one rectangular fixture or multiple smaller chandeliers placed in a row.

2. Kitchen

electrical installationA kitchen needs a lot of lighting since you will be cooking and entertaining there. Start with ambient lighting to give the room overall light — recessed electrical installations are popular for this. Include under-cabinet task lighting for your countertops. Pendant lighting looks nice over a kitchen island, while a smaller chandelier can hang over a breakfast table. Ensure that any hanging lights are positioned either over tables or countertops so people will not walk into them.

3. Entry

A beautiful chandelier in the entryway will make a positive impression on your guests as soon as they walk in. The bottom of this chandelier should hang no lower than 7 feet above the floor to prevent people from hitting their heads or feeling too crowded. If the foyer is two stories high, hang the bottom of the chandelier even with the floor of the second story. To determine your ideal sizing, measure the space by adding together the length and width of the entry measured in feet. That number in inches should be the diameter of the electrical installation. For example, a foyer that is 15 by 15 feet is a total of 30 feet, which means the chandelier should be 30 inches in diameter.


When you’re ready to place your new light fixture, trust the job to a professional electrician like Mueller Electric. For your electrical installation, they will ensure that the fixture gets the appropriate wattage, that the wiring is routed safely, and the fixture is hung securely in place. Since 1994, this residential electrician service has been the go-to trusted professional for electric repair, maintenance, and installation in Ashland, KY. Contact them online or at (606) 325-0275 to schedule a free estimate.

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