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Make the Most of Valentine's Day by Staying Out of Jail February 7, 2019

Downtown Hartford, Hartford
Make the Most of Valentine's Day by Staying Out of Jail, Hartford, Connecticut

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest date nights of the year. In other words, police are on high alert February 14 for everything from drinking and driving to domestic disputes. To avoid winding up behind bars and in need of bail when you should be enjoying a romantic evening with your sweetheart, keep these simple tips in mind.

Use Your Best Judgement 

Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for a minor disagreement to turn into a major fight. If you find yourself getting heated while getting ready for the night out—perhaps your partner came home from work late or forgot about the holiday entirely—take a deep breath and try to remain calm. If you make it to dinner, avoid drinking and driving as well. That means skipping the bottle of wine or using a ride-sharing service to get to and from the restaurant. 

Follow Any Terms of Probation 

bailThe start of the year is a busy time for most families. Fortunately, Valentine's Day provides the opportunity to slow down—at least for the evening—and focus on what matters most. It’s the perfect time to have a small celebration, but don’t give in to temptation if you’re on probation. If you’re not supposed to drink, for example, or travel outside the state, make sure to follow these rules, even on Valentine’s Day. Don't skip any court dates, either! Otherwise, your sweetheart could end up applying for a bail bond instead of cuddling with you at the end of the night.


If someone you love ends up behind bars on Valentine’s Day—or any other day of the year—turn to 3-D Bail Bonds. Serving families throughout all of Connecticut, our primary office is in Hartford, right across from the correctional center to ensure total convenience. And since an arrest can happen at any time—but no one should have to spend any longer than necessary in jail—our professional bondsmen are available 24/7. To find the office nearest you, check out our website, or call (860) 247-2245 to arrange for bail in Hartford today. 

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