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3 Popular Patterns for Hardwood Flooring February 14, 2019

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3 Popular Patterns for Hardwood Flooring, Pittsford, New York

The look of your hardwood flooring isn’t just determined by the species of wood or type of stain you use. The installation pattern of your floor can also have a tremendous impact on the overall visual style of your home. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular installation options for hardwood.

Top 3 Hardwood Flooring Installation Patterns

1. Straight

You can’t go wrong with a traditional straight pattern. Laying boards parallel to each other and the wall uses less wood, which also results in faster installation work and lower costs. This simple design will also help smaller rooms appear larger when boards are kept parallel to the room’s longest wall.

2. Parquet

hardwood flooringSometimes referred to as a “brick” pattern, parquet involves laying small square planks of wood in a repeated custom shape. This can be used to create a checkerboard look that covers the entire floor, or it can serve as a border feature that surrounds other flooring patterns. Multiple shades of wood will typically be used in a single block to provide more visual contrast.

3. Herringbone

This unique pattern takes short rectangular planks of wood and lays them in a slightly overlapping diagonal pattern. The wood is tightly laid together, ensuring lasting stability. Though this style will add visual interest and cohesion to a large room, it is generally not recommended for small or narrow areas like hallways, as it could make the space feel more cramped. Chevron patterns take pieces of wood that are cut at an angle to produce a similarly elegant effect. 


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