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Pet Dental Discounts From a Trusted Veterinarian Avon, Livingston, New York

Valid from February 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019
Pet Dental Discounts From a Trusted Veterinarian , Avon, New York

Just as humans need routine dental checkups and treatments to stay healthy, four-legged companions require the same attention as well. February is Pet Dental Health Month, and it's an ideal time to schedule a dental exam with a veterinarian for your pet. The staff at Avon Animal Hospital are offering a dental care deal throughout February. 

Complimentary Dental Exam & 10% Off Dental Procedures

veterinarianSchedule an appointment for your pet any day in February for a free dental exam at Avon Animal Hospital. Their veterinarians will perform a comprehensive check of your animal's teeth and determine if any dental work needs to be done. If a procedure is necessary, you will receive 10% off the total cost of the treatment.

Maintaining good dental health is a crucial component of your pet's healthcare. If left untreated, dental issues can lead to problems ranging from tooth loss and infections to heart disease and diabetes. In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, make it a priority to get your pet's teeth checked by a skilled and experienced veterinarian.

Call Today to Schedule Your Pet's Exam

Avon Animal Hospital serves New York’s Avon and Henrietta, as well as communities across Livingston County. In addition to dental treatment, skilled veterinarians provide a wide range of pet wellness services, including vaccinations and emergency procedures. To make an appointment, call (585) 226-6144 and visit their website to read more about their routine care services. 

This deal is no longer available.

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