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4 Well Drilling Myths Debunked February 14, 2019

Nixa, Christian
4 Well Drilling Myths Debunked, Nixa, Missouri

Well drilling has come a long way since the days of hauling up the buckets with a winch and a rope. Industry advancements have made water more accessible, and they have implemented treatments for harmful bacteria. However, several myths have developed that may deter homeowners from installing a well on their property. Put your mind at ease by considering the following falsities and the truths that debunk them.

4 Myths About Well Drilling

1. The Water Will Run Out

The aquifer is an underground river that acquires a continual supply of water from regular precipitation and drainage. All wells are drilled down to this level to ensure a constant supply of water. While it is possible for a well to run dry during extreme droughts, this is very unlikely in areas that receive regular precipitation.

2. Private Wells Aren’t Reliable

You may experience issues if you neglect to keep up with regular maintenance, but wells that are cared for will work indefinitely. Well drilling experts encourage homeowners to schedule routine inspections with a professional at least once a year. This will ensure that all mechanisms are fully functional and will prevent hidden issues from getting out of hand.

3. Well Water Doesn’t Taste That Great

well drillingHomeowners have complete control over what goes into their water treatment system and can choose products that won’t affect the taste. They can also determine the level of filtration that occurs between the well and their home, which can also give the water a fresh flavor.

4. Private Wells Are Costly

While the installation process may require a small amount of budgeting, having a water well on the property could save you money. You won’t need to pay to use the public water supply, and the only expenses you’ll have to consider are routine maintenance and repairs.


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