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How Can You Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results? February 14, 2019

Richmond Hill, Bryan
How Can You Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results?, Richmond Hill, Georgia

If you’ve had stained teeth and have witnessed the power of professional teeth whitening firsthand, you’ll want to extend your results for as long as possible. To continue enjoying a vibrant smile, there are a few practical steps you can take. Keep your grin glowing and prevent stains from returning with the helpful guide below.

A Guide to Making Your Teeth Whitening Last

What Are Some Staining Agents to Avoid?

In the time shortly after your teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will likely recommend avoiding a few key staining agents. Your teeth are especially inclined to attract stains then, so in addition to steering clear of dark foods and drinks like coffee, berries, tea, and wine, you’ll also want to skip pasta sauce and cola. Once the first 10 to 14 days after treatment have passed, you can return to your normal eating and drinking habits.

stained teethWith that being said, the consumption of known staining agents should be limited. Dark sauces, foods, and drinks can cause yellowing and stained teeth, and some even contain high levels of acids which wear away enamel. If you do choose to indulge in them, try to sip through a straw or rinse afterward.

Which Brightening Practices Can You Follow?

In addition to avoiding certain foods and drinks, there are a few other useful ways to keep stained teeth at bay and preserve your teeth whitening results. Daily brushing and flossing are essential practices to continue, but you can add a further boost by using specially formulated products designed for whitening. You should also continue to see your dentist for regular cleanings to have to keep sticky and unsightly tartar removed and discuss touch-up treatments. Often, touch-ups can be done at intervals of six months to a year.


If you’re seeking a solution for stained teeth, turn to Richmond Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bryan County, GA. Their non-intrusive whitening solutions help patients achieve a noticeably brighter smile in a way that’s comfortable and convenient. Browse through their full range of cosmetic services online, or call (912) 756-3880 to schedule an appointment.

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