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4 Ways to Make Hardwood Stairs Safer February 13, 2019

Webster, Monroe
4 Ways to Make Hardwood Stairs Safer, Webster, New York

Hardwood stairs are a beautiful extension of your wood flooring, but for children and the elderly, they can be dangerous. There are a few ways to keep your gorgeous hardwood while maintaining a safe environment for every family member. Below are four tips to make hardwood flooring more secure.

How to Increase Hardwood Stair Safety

1. Add a Runner

Adding a carpet runner will create traction on the steps to prevent slips and falls, especially for kids and older adults wearing socks or barefoot. Runners also protect your hardwood flooring underneath, prolonging its beauty and lifespan no matter how much traffic there is. Carpeting will reduce noise up and down the steps, and can complement the rest of your decor.

2. Apply Non-Slip Coating

Flooring contractors can apply a non-slip coating to your hardwood stairs. These products work like a paint, stain, or finish, and are available in clear or colors, depending on your preference. Coatings allow you to display the beauty of the hardwood flooring but in a much safer way.

3. Install Lighting

hardwood flooringThe more light over and around the staircase, the easier it will be for family members of all ages to walk up and down. Make sure lighting fixtures over the stairwell are bright, and consider adding LED lights under each step. These provide an illuminated path, which is particularly helpful at night.

4. Use Tape or Carpet Treads

Stair treads add friction to slick steps and will make it easier to grip the flooring as you walk. Stair treads are available in an abrasive tape, but if you want to avoid peeling sections that occur over time, choose screw-on options. If you want something more attractive than tape treads, opt for carpet versions. These individual pieces of carpet function like a runner by adding friction, but are applied separately like tape treads on each step.



When you need an expert for your hardwood stairs, trust General’s Hardwood Flooring. Located in Webster, NY, these fully licensed flooring contractors can perform tasks from flooring repair to new flooring installation. Call (585) 303-5704 for an appointment or visit them online for a look at their hardwood flooring projects.  

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