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3 Tips to Help a Loved One Who Refuses Assisted Living February 7, 2019

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3 Tips to Help a Loved One Who Refuses Assisted Living, Greece, New York

The move to assisted living is a big one for seniors, and they may be against the idea at first. You want to be confident that your elderly parent is getting the care and assistance they need every day, and there are important steps you can take to convince them. Being patient and using professional help can do wonders, and by exploring alternatives such as in-home care, you’ll find a solution that will work for your loved one.

Ways to Help a Loved One Who Won’t Move Into Assisted Living

1. Explain Your Concerns

If they can’t properly care for themselves, politely share examples, but be careful not to belittle them. Explain existing health complications or new ones that have arisen from a recent incident or diagnosis. Let them know that they’ll still have their independence and that you’re simply looking out for their safety. Be patient and never force the dialogue or they may become combative.

2. Consider In-Home Care

in-home careIf your loved one doesn’t require extensive 24/7 assisted living care, in-home care may be an excellent option. A qualified caregiver can come as needed to spend time with your loved one and assist around the home or take them to appointments. Explain to your loved one that they can continue living the way they want to. The in-home care professional will simply help with hygiene, monitor medical needs, and handle day-to-day tasks as needed.

3. Work With a Professional Service

Bring a professional service into the equation. A care solutions agency can offer valuable advice for speaking with your parent and also present solutions in your area that you can explore. Once a decision has been made, their experienced team can then ensure a seamless transition so that your loved one has all the resources they need and feels comfortable.


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