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4 Reasons to Take Your Date to an Ice Cream Shop February 13, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
4 Reasons to Take Your Date to an Ice Cream Shop, Ewa, Hawaii

Looking for a fun idea to impress on the first date? Head to your local ice cream shop. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream, milkshakes, or boba tea, you’ll find desserts to satisfy whatever you’re craving and enjoy a memorable time.

4 Reasons to Visit an Ice Cream Shop on Your First Date

1. Pairs Well With Other Activities

If you’re having a great time on your date, you sometimes never want it to end. Whether you saw a movie together or played minigolf, stopping by an ice cream shop afterward gives you the chance to discuss the earlier activities in a quiet setting away from distractions.

2. Takes the Pressure Off

Ice Cream ShopIf you’re feeling nervous about meeting someone for the first time, go to an ice cream shop. The casual setting helps reduce anxiety about what to wear and how much it will cost, so neither you nor your date feels unnecessary pressure.

3. Shows off Your Unique Personality

Inviting your date out for ice cream is much more unique than suggesting traditional happy hour cocktails or daytime coffee. They’ll likely appreciate your originality as well as the opportunity to get to know you without the noise and bustle of a packed bar or busy coffee shop.

4. Creates a Bonding Experience

Nothing bonds strangers like adventure, and an ice cream date can provide just that. Show off your fun side by daring your date to order a flavor they’ve never tried or pick toppings for each other. Laughing together and sharing your creative concoctions will help make you both feel comfortable in an otherwise nerve-wracking situation.


For your next date, head to Blue Bubble Creamery in Mililani, HI. With a friendly staff passionate about ice cream, you’ll feel welcomed the moment you walk through the doors of this ice cream shop. Serving residents and visitors throughout central Oahu, their delicious frozen treats never fail to disappoint. They’re known for Thai rolled ice cream, which is as visually appealing as it is tasty. For flavor and topping combo inspiration, scroll through their online gallery. To learn more about the shop, their hours, and dessert offerings, call today at (808) 200-1036.

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