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How Is the Cloud Changing the Retail Industry? February 15, 2019

Ambler, Montgomery County
How Is the Cloud Changing the Retail Industry?, Ambler, Pennsylvania

Cloud services are something many office workers are familiar with. However, the cloud’s usefulness is recognized in many industries. The retail sector is also reaping the benefits, and in many ways, it may revolutionize business strategies. As a retailer, you want to create the most optimized business plan, and integrating cloud services may be just what your business needs.

3 Ways the Cloud Is Impacting Retail

1. Inventory Management

No matter the size of your business, inventory management is a priority. You need to know where your products are and how many you have to ensure there’s enough to sell and to track analytics. Cloud services help retailers better accomplish this. By storing a global inventory database on the cloud, multiple locations can update in real time, and no matter where managers are, they can access and make changes as needed. It also removes the risk of losing inventory tracking should a computer break down,

2. Mobile Purchasing

cloud-services-communications-deployment-partners Amazon and other retail giants completely changed the way people shop. With many buyers now using the Internet and mobile devices to make purchases, it’s more important than ever to create a seamless online experience. Via the cloud, retailers can offer this experience, as well as perks like in-store coupons and deals sent directly to regular mobile customers. This improves both virtual and physical sales and creates a better customer experience.

3. Sales Analytics

At the end of the day, retail is a numbers game. You need to know what’s selling best, and using a sales database stored on the cloud, you can gather data across all sales locations. Algorithms can then show you what sells best overall, when certain products are in the highest demand, and what items sell best based on region. This helps retailers make more informed decisions about which products to further develop so they can get the best return.


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