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Your Guide to Buying VoIP for Your Small Business June 4, 2019

Melville, Suffolk County
Your Guide to Buying VoIP for Your Small Business, Melville, New York

Cutting-edge telecom services are one of the most important features for small businesses, and it’s important that you don’t fall behind. One of the first integrations to consider is a VoIP phone service. If you’re not savvy to tech terms, it can be difficult to know where to start with making the upgrade. It’s much simpler than you may think, however, and below, you’ll find everything you need to get started.

VoIP Buyers’ Guide

What Is VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a business phone system that operates via the internet rather than a traditional landline. Because of this, it removes many of the limitations employees previously met. Through cloud service, anyone can access their voicemail or make calls from anywhere so long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Because it operates through a computer, it also integrates with a portal where concierge, call waiting, and directory features can be seamlessly built. Most importantly, VoIP sets the groundwork so that you’re primed to adopt future technologies that come down the telecom pipeline.

What You Need

voipTo use VoIP, you simply need a high-speed internet infrastructure already in place. Depending on the size of your workforce, you’ll want to have a larger bandwidth to handle incoming and outgoing calls. If your provider has a bandwidth cap, you may want to change partners. Make sure you also purchase phones that are able to integrate with VoIP services.

Finding a Provider

First, check with your existing internet service provider to see if they offer VoIP services. If not, consider reaching out to a master agent at another agency that can connect you with VoIP options. You can also cross over to a telecom company that offers VoIP and other services that you can bundle into one package. Consider their reliability and level of customer service so you can be confident in who you partner with.


Interested in upgrading to VoIP? MoJo Tech in Long Island, NY, proudly offers a variety of telecom solutions alongside industry-leading partners. You can count on a master agent working with you to find the ideal cloud services, high-speed internet, and cybersecurity services you need—all of which you can explore on their website. If you’re ready to speak with a representative, call (631) 604-4318 today.

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