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Does Your Kitchen Remodel Require Rewiring? February 13, 2019

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Does Your Kitchen Remodel Require Rewiring?, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

There are many details to consider when you are planning a kitchen remodel, such as room expansion, new cabinets, and countertops. While some projects like replacing drawer and cabinet pulls may not require a lot of work, installing new lighting or adding outlets requires some wiring assistance from an electrician. Below are a few times you will need their help during a kitchen remodel.

3 Times Your Kitchen Remodel Requires Rewiring

1. Older Home

Houses built in 1972 or before may feature original aluminum wiring that presents a serious fire hazard. If your home is older and the wiring has never been replaced, schedule an inspection with your electrician and get fire-resistant copper wiring installed in your kitchen—and the rest of your home, if applicable.

2. Appliance Placement & Amperage

electricianPerhaps your remodel includes new appliances in different locations to enjoy the convenient triangle configuration many kitchens feature. Rewiring accommodates new appliance locations and their outlets, as additional outlets put serious stress on circuit breakers without upgrades. An electrician will also address amp needs. New appliances have higher amps than older models and will tax your circuit breaker without an upgrade.

3. Electrical Code Adherence

Replacing your old breaker so your new appliances do not overload it keeps your house up to code. New, large appliances usually require dedicated circuitry. If your kitchen is currently at 60 amps, for example, upgrade to 150 to 200 amps to prevent code compliance issues. Building codes have outlet spacing guidelines with each circuit usually accommodating up to eight energy sources.

4. Ground Fault Receptacle

Another wiring issue many older homes have is a lack of ground fault receptacles or interrupters. These receptacles feature reset buttons and are used in rooms where water is present, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They prevent conduction through water in addition to shutting down appliances and fixtures when too much electricity flows through a wire. If your kitchen does not include ground fault receptacles, add them to your upgrade list.


Rely on the talented electricians at Walter’s Inc. for convenient, cost-effective rewiring services. The electrical contractors provide residential and commercial clients throughout Ellsworth, WI, with an array of services to keep homes and businesses functional and safe. Plumbing and HVAC services are also available, so you don’t have to contact multiple contractors. Call (715) 792-5336 today for an estimate, and read testimonials online.

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