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3 Worrisome Car Sounds & What They Mean February 13, 2019

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3 Worrisome Car Sounds & What They Mean, Grand Island, Nebraska

To prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, pay attention to warning signs. Strange sounds are a tell-tale indicator that you need transmission repair; however, not all noises mean the same thing. Below is a list of sounds that your car may make when there’s a problem and what they mean.

3 Vehicle Warning Sounds That Mean You Might Need Transmission Repair

1. Clunking

If you hear a clunking sound when switching gears, this likely indicates a transmission problem. When the transmission mount comes loose, it will move during changes in speed or gears, resulting in a clunking noise. A mechanic can examine the mount and reattach it securely to prevent this from reoccurring. 

2. Grinding

transmission repairGrinding noises are symptoms of various types of transmission issues. The simplest problem to have would be low transmission fluid where the solution is to get new fluid. However, grinding noises can also indicate mechanical wear or broken gears. Failing to seek transmission repair could lead to slipping gears or more serious safety hazards. 

3. Whining

A high-pitched whining noise may mean you have clogged fluid filters. The best way to tell is by shifting into reverse; if the volume goes up on the line pressure, the noise is being produced from a clogged filter. While a fluid replacement may be enough, a clogged filter can also indicate other issues, which is why you should take your vehicle to an auto shop. 


If your vehicle has made any of the above warning sounds, get it checked out by one of the ASE®-certified mechanics at BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island. Serving Grand Island, NE, for over 25 years, the premier transmission shop specializes in a variety of high-quality services, including transmission repair and rebuild for foreign and domestic vehicles. They also offer free towing up to 100 miles. Call (308) 382-2727 to schedule an appointment with a technician or visit their website for more information about their services.

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