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5 Tips for Appealing Storefront Window Displays June 3, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
5 Tips for Appealing Storefront Window Displays, Spring Valley, New York

You want to attract customers to your business and make a positive impression, which means that attractive storefront window displays are a must. Behind the custom glass, you need to lay out products or display items in an eye-catching way that invites customers to learn more. Here are a few tips for choosing and arranging items for maximum impact.

How to Design Storefront Window Displays

1. Height

Some business owners simply lay out products or brochures on a shelf behind their window. This approach makes it difficult to see everything and doesn’t use up the full window space. Instead, set up products at different heights using shelves and stacked boxes or even hang items from the ceiling.

2. Color

Clashing or busy color schemes can look unfocused and messy. Consider both the colors of the items in your window and the backdrop they’re displayed against. You might want to narrow down your selection to one or two bold colors.

3. Focal Point

When customers walk by, their gaze will be drawn to whatever is at eye level. Go outside to judge where eye level is on your shop windows, then treat that area as the center of your design and place the most important items there. Use other products and decorative elements to frame and guide the eye to that space.

4. Lighting

Storefront WindowsIf you rely on the shop's lights or the sun to light the display, important areas might end up in shadow; they may not be visible or attractive from outside. Carefully placing bright, focused lights as part of your display ensures everything in the window looks its best and brightest.

5. Simplicity

Above all, you don't want the storefront window to look cluttered. If you place too many objects there, none of them will stand out enough to catch anyone’s attention. The number of items you should use depends on their size, complexity, and the size of the window, but try to leave a moderate amount of open space.


If you need glass installation for your storefront windows, choose Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY. For over 50 years, they've been Rockland County's go-to source for beautiful custom glass and mirrors for both homes and businesses. Their experienced team is dedicated to excellent customer service and satisfaction. To discuss your project, call them at (845) 352-2200, visit them online, or send a message through Facebook or Twitter.

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