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3 HVAC Considerations When Buying a House February 14, 2019

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3 HVAC Considerations When Buying a House, Union, Ohio

Prospective homeowners have a lot to consider before putting in an offer on a house. One consideration that sometimes goes overlooked is the HVAC system. More specifically, how much HVAC maintenance will be needed after you move in. A home inspection report should include a home’s heating and cooling information, but if you’re still choosing between properties, keep these HVAC considerations in mind. 

A House Buying Guide to HVAC Systems

1. Age

HVAC maintenanceA realtor should be able to find out how old the home’s HVAC system is, which can be helpful when determining how much HVAC maintenance will be needed. Most heating and cooling systems last between 10 and 15 years. The older a system is, the more likely it will be to experience issues.

2. Efficiency Rating 

Half of your utility costs will go toward heating and cooling your home, so purchasing a house with an outdated system that is not ENERGY STAR®-rated can impact your wallet. The make and model for the home’s HVAC system should also include a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating—this is on the yellow energy label with the model number. The model number will begin with the rating, such as 15AC for an air conditioner that has a SEER rating of 15. The minimum SEER rating to qualify for ENERGY STAR® accreditation is 13, and the maximum is 25. A certified HVAC technician can also perform an inspection to determine how efficient a unit really is.

3. Type

There are different types of heating and cooling systems available. For example, you should ask if the equipment contains a heat pump, furnace, or boiler, and how it is fueled. Whether or not the system has electric heat or gas heat should be the most significant factor. Gas is a more affordable utility in most areas, but electric heat pumps are also very efficient and can help keep your utility costs lower. Homes with electric heat pumps and gas furnaces allow homeowners to cool with electricity and heat with both gas and electricity, making it the most cost-effective system. Ductless systems use electricity, but they enable homeowners to air condition rooms separately, helping to lower energy costs in the summer.


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