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3 Reasons Hardwood Is Popular for Kitchen Floors February 14, 2019

Peace Haven, Winston
3 Reasons Hardwood Is Popular for Kitchen Floors, Winston, North Carolina

If your kitchen looks shabby and outdated, consider upgrading to hardwood floors. The durability of hardwood makes it a popular option for kitchens and other high-traffic areas of the home. Below are some of the top reasons to invest in hardwood floors for your kitchen. 

3 Advantages of Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

1. Life Expectancy

Winston-Salem-North-Carolina-hardwood-floorsThere’s a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen, which means the floor can quickly show signs of wear. If you install hardwood floors, a contractor can sand the surfaces to remove any nicks or scratches caused by frequent use. Refinishing will restore its appearance and cost much less than a new installation. 

2. Comfort

When walking in bare feet, hardwood floors are warmer and softer to the touch than ceramic tile or other common materials. Hardwood has more give than tile, which reduces the risk of foot fatigue and pain when standing for long periods. The rich wood grain will also make the kitchen appear cozier and more inviting.  

3. Versatility

If you ever decide to remodel, you can simply alter the hardwood floor to complement the look of your new kitchen. A technician can stain the wood to transform its appearance. Ask a contractor to help you find a color to match your new style. 


If you want to install hardwood floors in your kitchen or home, the professionals at Carolina Wood Floors are happy to lend their 25 years of experience to your project. From brainstorming designs to installation services, their expert team will handle every aspect of your project. To schedule a consultation in Winston-Salem, NC, call (336) 765-0680. Visit CWF online to see galleries of their work and follow them on Facebook for design inspiration. 

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