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4 Areas of the Home to Add Insulation February 14, 2019

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4 Areas of the Home to Add Insulation, Eminence, Kentucky

Insulation plays a vital role in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. It helps retain your comfort and ensures that your utility bills don’t rise. In short, it’s to a homeowner’s advantage to make sure that there’s sufficient insulation situated throughout the home. Here are a few key areas where you should make sure insulation is present.

Which Parts of the Home Should You Insulate?

1. Attic

insulationThe attic is easily the most important space to insulate. Since heat rises, the attic stores most your home’s warmth year-round. If there isn’t sufficient insulation, that heat will escape and leave the home cooler—which, in turn, forces your HVAC system to work harder to maintain your desired temperature.

2. Crawlspace

Without proper insulation in the crawlspace, it may quickly become humid and damp. That creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew spores to proliferate throughout the home. And without insulation, the space invites outdoor air inside. This makes it tough for your system to regulate indoor temperatures.

3. Basement

Issues such as moisture intrusion and surface condensation are unlikely to occur when you insulate the basement. You’ll also improve the R-value, or its resistance to heat flow. Adding basement insulation improves comfort levels and prevents air leaks, which can also promote better air circulation.

4. Walls  

It’s natural for a home’s exterior walls to be insulated. But it’s just as advantageous to insulate your interior walls. Not only does quality spray foam insulation provide a barrier against sounds, but it also reduces the transfer of heat and lowers your energy costs as a result.  


Does your home feel unreasonably hot or cold from time to time? If you’re concerned that your system is working too hard to keep you comfortable and your energy bills are on the rise, it may be due to poor insulation. Trust in the experts at Energy Shield Spray Foam to help! Based in Eminence, KY, the company offers high-quality spray foam insulation that is designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency while enhancing your comfort, strengthening your roof and walls, and even preventing some allergens from entering your house. You’ll notice a big difference in your comfort. Visit their website to find out more, or call (502) 220-0231 to schedule a free estimate.

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