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Do's & Don'ts of Home Staging February 28, 2019

Wakefield, Bronx
Do's & Don'ts of Home Staging, Bronx, New York

After deciding to put your home on the market and hiring a real estate agent, it’s time to make your property appealing to potential buyers. The right home staging strategy turns your interior into a warm, welcoming environment that allows buyers to visualize themselves living there. Use these home staging do’s and don’ts to selling your home quickly for the price you want.



Use sandpaper and high-quality paint to instantly make your home feel newer. Fresh paint also tells buyers the house has been well-maintained. Flashy colors, such as neon green or hot pink, can be a turn-off, so stick to light hues that open spaces, making them appear large and airy.

Use Furniture Appropriate to the Space

Take inventory of your furniture and put large items in storage. Measure each room to provide furniture that suits the square footage so the spaces don’t seem cramped or sparse. If you have an open floor plan, use furniture to create living areas to again avoid the sparse look.

Work With Neutral Hues & Pops Of Color

real estateStick to light neutral hues on the walls and with your furniture, though it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate pops of color here and there. For example, if you have a bold red sofa, pair it with neutral wall treatments and rugs to make it the focal point. Use two or three colors per room for a more classic appearance.


Allow Clutter to Accumulate

Clutter distracts buyers and makes homes seem small while also contributing to stress. Show off what makes your home unique by ridding it of all piles of paper and other sources of clutter.

Forget to Create Lighting Schemes

Take advantage of every window in your home to flood it with natural light, which again makes it seem bigger. Open draperies and blinds while also focusing on artificial light sources. Create a warm glow with incandescent lighting and avoid intricate fixtures some buyers may find tacky, such as chandeliers with too many types of colored glass.


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