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Ask a Plumber: What's the Verdict on Pets & Toilet Water? February 13, 2019

Lakeville, Dakota
Ask a Plumber: What's the Verdict on Pets & Toilet Water?, Lakeville, Minnesota

Of all your furry friend’s eccentric habits, drinking out of the toilet might just be the strangest. But is your dog or cat consuming harmful bacteria, or is the water inside your porcelain throne safe? If you’ve always wondered what plumbers think of this unusual topic, use the following information to influence your own opinion.

Is Toilet Water Safe for My Pets to Drink?

Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you clean your bathroom, toilets are still the dirtiest fixtures in your house. While there are probably waste particles scattered in other places, the toilet is where the heaviest concentration of bacteria will reside, including the dreaded E. coli. If you’re sick, you could pass this illness on to your pet, whose small body may not have such a great chance of healing. For example, Giardia, or parasitic diarrhea, can be passed from humans to animals through consumption.

On the other hand, a toilet that’s scrubbed every day could pose just as much of a risk to your thirsty dog or cat. After all, most cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that should never be ingested, especially those found in toilet bowl cleaners, like bleach. Drinking this substance could cause chemical burns inside your pet’s mouth, as well as vomiting and abdominal pain.

How Can I Get Them to Stop?

plumberTo keep your pet away from the dangers of toilet water, most plumbers will suggest the simplest solution: keeping the lid closed. If your pet has learned how to bypass this barrier, you could even ask a plumber to install a child lock on your toilet. Some pets may be drawn to the toilet as a drinking supply because of the sound of running water, which is more like the streams they would drink from in the wild. To replicate this, invest in a drinking fountain for dogs or cats with this refined preference.


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