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3 Popular Types of Residential Roofing February 12, 2019

Yellow Springs, Greene
3 Popular Types of Residential Roofing, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Residential roofs come in all different styles and varieties. If you need repairs for your current roof or need to replace it, it’s important to know which material you have, so you can find a roofing contractor that works with that particular material. Here are some of the most popular types of residential roofs in the U.S., particularly in the Midwest.

What Roofing Materials Are Most Popular for Homes?

1. Asphalt Shingles

roofing contractorBy far the most popular choice, asphalt shingles are known for being affordable, durable, and available in many different colors and styles. Asphalt roofs usually last for about 20 years and provide reliable waterproofing. They are also fairly easy to repair, since a roofing contractor can replace the shingles in sections where there may be damage or leaks.

2. Wood Shakes

Wood shakes offer an old-fashioned look and a sustainable design choice. This material is a bit more expensive than asphalt, but it also tends to last for about 30 years. Wood may warp or rot when exposed to the elements, but there are high-quality moisture-proofing techniques that help the material withstand the Midwest’s rain and snowstorms.

3. Slate Tiles

Slate is a natural stone is both beautiful and extremely resistant to heat and moisture. While more expensive than many other roofing options, slate can last for up to 100 years and is especially popular in high-end homes. However, it can be difficult to install and repair since it’s such a heavy and delicate material.


If you’re looking for a roofing contractor to install or repair your roof, call the experts at Double T Roofing, LLC. Based in Springfield, OH, the roofer serves the greater Dayton area with a variety of services, including both residential and commercial roofing, gutter repair, and siding installation. The locally owned and operated roofing contractor has been serving the community for more than 16 years and uses high-grade materials to ensure customer satisfaction. Contact the team online or call (937) 304-1908 to schedule an estimate.

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